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iScuela Learn

iSceula Learn is our self learning platform for school going children

Students can get access to in-depth and interactive content which is mapped to the curriculum at schools.

iSceula Learn runs on the most amazing and intuitive e-learning engine till date. The platform provides detailed analysis and feedback to the student about their progress.

iScuela Learn


Packed with exciting features

Board-based Syllabus

iScuela Learn lets you choose which school board curriculum you want to enrol in. All our elearning modules are mapped directly with various state boards. We are continuously adding more School Boards with time.

Regional Language Support

We offer our elearning modules in regional languages to remove english as a barrier for learning. This effort is very close to our hearts as we see more and more public school children using the platform to learn better.

Engaging Content

iScuela Learn offers highly engaging content which allows the student to interact with topics and grasp them easily. Now go and interact with the human heart or take a quick ride into space.

Online / Offline

Our platform offers you the ability to download you topic or the subject you want to study and then access it offline whenever and where ever. This removes the challenges that come with inconsistent internet.

iQuiz Built-in

iQuiz gives an opportunity to one and all to compete on a national level, from their smart devices, for free and win exciting prizes. Now no one is left out! Join the fun at iQuiz.

It's less than your cup of coffee

iScuela Learn has been developed to make high quality education accessible to all. Thats why we have priced it less than your cup of coffee for a month. All the updates and new content over the course of the year is offered free to allow for continuous enrichment in the learning experience.



iQuiz is our flagship event where we have lots of fun. Its a National Event which we run in multiple cities, last being Mumbai. Over 100,000 students from different states and cities have participated in the main events. And now you can compete with the rest of the country from your own smartphone

Do watch this space for details about the upcoming iQuiz event in your city.

Now iQuiz is anywhere, anytime

Use the iScuela Learn App to take part in regular quizzes that we put out and win exciting prizes. You can even make your own friend’s room and compete with them.

  • For all ages and classes can participate
  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Monthly Competitions
  • Create unlimited Quiz Rooms
  • WIN Exciting Prizes
  • Get access to our LIVE events
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