Digitising Punjab Education

First of it’s kind state wide initiative to raise learning levels of children in Public Schools in Punjab

Digitising Punjab Education

Project Overview

We are working in collaboration with the Government of Punjab and Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM) to digitise and digitalise all 19,272, government schools across the state of Punjab.

The Challenge

Uplifting of Public Education System

Numerous reports suggest that Indian Public Education System is failing. Basic Literacy and Numeracy skills are lacking in the students in public schools. Reports suggest students studying in Grade 5 are barely at a level where they should have been when they were in Grade 2. Millions of children studying in these schools are loosing time and have no chance of a brighter and a better future, if they continue to lag behind with each passing year.

Our Solution

iScuela - Interactive content and Platform, Teacher Training, App for Students

We believe that preparing the human capital of tomorrow has to start at the school level and with the help of technology we can overcome many challenges like lack of teachers or low levels of learning in schools, specially the public schools.

With our platform iScuela, we are aiming to provide high quality education to students providing them with stronger foundations and clearer concepts. iScuela is made available to public schools as an In-Classroom teaching aid and is also available to students to access on their low cost smartphones at home. For all public schools and their students this platform is offered free of charge.

We worked with 120 subject matter experts and teachers to create highly localised digital curriculum and a platform for In-Classroom teaching and for self learning. We have also been providing teacher training to up-skill the teachers of the state. The Government took our inputs and worked to provide basic hardware which included a simple display device and a computational device bringing the cost per classroom down by 50%.

Results so far...

Over 850,000 hours of Teaching/Learning as of Jan 2020

We have been very encouraged with the response we have received so far and how quickly the adoption of the program has taken place. In less than 10 months we have digitised 10,000+ schools out of the the total 19,272 public schools that are in Punjab.

It’s been around 3 weeks that we have launched teacher training app to give them access to the platform on their mobile. In just 3 weeks we have had 56,000 teachers in the state that have registered on the platform. Already 85000+ hours of active teaching/learning has been done using the platform. (All data points collected are obtained using an analytical engine which is accessible to the stakeholders.

On-Ground Implementation

Check out some of the on-ground images of how iScuela is changing the way we learn

Fazilka GHS, Heera Wali
Gurdaspur, Rangar Nangal
Mohali GHS, Mukandpur
Mohali GHS, Ramgharh Rurki
Mohali GHS, Tasimbli
Mohali GMS, Gudana
Mohali GSSSS, Lohgarh
Muktsar, Kbarwala
Muktsar, Khulan Kalan
Pathankot GES, Tarheti
Patiala, Model Town
Ropar GHS, Thana
Ropar GMS, Bamnada
Ropar GMS, Behdali
Ropar GMS, Bhangala
What they say


What some of our partners have to say about us

This app is a great initiative for the betterment of learners by the Education Department!

- Shivender Bhardwaj

Its wonderful app it creates interest in students,very innovative method thanks to education dept.

- Meenakshi Bhagat

This app so good for poor Isme sarkari school ki har class ka syllabus hai Main bhi sarkari school main hi padta hoon

- Shubh Ranike

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